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Violet Flower Hand + Body Cream ❦


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2 oz jar | $32

Our Violet Flower Hand and Body Cream moisturizes skin with organic Coconut oil and the luscious scent of spring Violet blooms.

Violets are ruled by Venus and the Water element. Also know as Heartsease, Violets soothe the heart and cools and moistens the body and emotional temperament.

☙ Violet dissolves hardness in the glandular and lymphatic systems when taken internally or lovingly massaged into breasts, under arms and on both sides of the neck

☙ Like a spring breeze aromatic with fresh blooms, our Violet cream is sure to delight the senses while moisturizing the skin and providing her beauty medicine to your heart and body

☙ To use as a wonderfully relaxing ritual of self-love, massage over delicate body parts after a long soak in the bath. Relax and enjoy the softness of your body and the sweet scent of calming Violets and Petitgrain essential oil

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