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Vapor Balm ❊


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1 oz. jar

Our vapor balm is perfect for kids and adults alike. During colds and flus rub on chest and on the back between the shoulder blades. You can also sniff the balm right out of the jar. Can be rubbed on temples for headache relief and on the feet for tired, sore, aching feet.

The essential oils in our vapor balm help to soothe coughing and stuffy nose symptoms. The essential oils will also help to fight off the sickness.

Use caution if using under the nose. Do not get in or near the eyes and mouth.

Curated with organic ingredients of Sesame, Olive and Castor oils, local Northern California beeswax, Menthol crystals & essential oils of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Cajuput, and others

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