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The Ceremony Loose Botanical Incense

The Ceremony Loose Botanical Incense

Loose Botanical Incense ᛭ Meant to be burned on top of a self-igniting charcoal tab

☽ The Ceremony ☽
Curated with botanicals and resins that clear your working space and provide a doorway through scent into higher states of consciousness through which one can walk.

Incense is as ancient as man, burned by our ancestors during prayer, sacrifices, and ritual.
It has been shown that burning certain resins and plants create a change in the mind and heart space.

Burning incense provides an aromatic sensory experience as you move from one realm of consciousness to another. I find a lot of joy in the whole process of burning loose incense no matter what I may be burning it for.

To use safely, burn in an area with adequate ventilation. I like to place the bowl with lit charcoal by a window as it initially lights. Then I bring it to my altar and sprinkle the incense on.

Curated with: Heather flowers, Rose petals,

To your prayers ✢

1 oz | 28 grams approx.