• Image of Self-Love Ritual Kit

It is easy to get lost in our day to day lives and leave our deeper selves under-nourished and famished for attention. One's spiritual practices nourish the soul, the cosmic self. I created this little kit as a tool to help one take some time to reconnect with self. Your desires. You.

It is a self-care ritual/guided meditation you can do whenever you need to take a time out and have some moments to connect back with yourself.
You can adjust it as you please. Light the candle and rub on some oil and lay back without the visualizations. Or charge the Rose Quartz however feels best for you. The choice is yours and what makes you feel more in tune with your very self.

This kit Includes:
:^: 1 Pink candle
:^: 1 Candle holder
:^: 1 Lip balm
:^: 1 Roll-On jar of Love anointing oil
:^: 1 Rose Quartz crystal
:^:1 Ritual instruction scroll

Packaged in a muslin bag.

To Your Magick Making.