• Image of Moon Time Bundle
  • Image of Moon Time Bundle

This kit is the perfect tool kit for women who have their monthly moon. It makes a great gift for a young girl during her first menses. In our American culture we have little to no ritual celebration/ honoring of a girl's first bleed. The intention behind this kit is an all natural approach to supporting and nourishing the body and spirit as a woman bleeds. Build up not only your body but your emotional/subtle body as well and harness the abundant power you hold as a bleeding woman.

This kit includes the following:
^ one info scroll
^ Lip Balm
^ Menstrual Moon Tea - this tea blend is caffeine free and contains herbs that tone and nourish the uterus and supply ample vitamins and minerals. Soothing for the nerves.
^ Moon Drops Tincture - this tincture can be used to help regulate the menstrual period and to relieve cramps.
^ Moon Beams Aromatic Oil - this oil is curated with a blend of pure pain relieving and relaxing essential oils. This oil is best used with a hot water bottle or a heating blanket to promote warmth and circulation to the uterine area.
^ Tumbled Moonstone