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Hearth & Bone Tonic Vinegar

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Hearth & Bone Tonic Vinegar

4 oz | $22

This vinegar is curated with foraged Wild Rose hips, Hawthorn leaf, flower and berries and organic Apple Cider Vinegar

| Use this vinegar for |

☥ A heart tonic, for men and women
☥ For heart pains
☥ Asthma
☥ To help lower blood pressure
☥ For antioxidant protection
☥ A digestive aide
☥ To lower elevated blood sugar in Type 2 diabetics
☥ To reduce inflammation of the heart and in general
☥ As a skin beautifier
☥ As a mild sedative
☥ For optimum bone health

This tonic vinegar has a lot of uses and is very safe to use as tonics are nurturing and supporting to the body.

Contains bioflavonoids and Vitamin C as well as other vitamins and minerals.

☥ To your health and Wellness