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Delphi's Oracle | Botanical Yoni Steam

Delphi's Oracle | Botanical Yoni Steam

A steam for the Yoni!

This steam was curated for its healing properties of the vaginal tissues. It nourishes the tissues by bringing blood flow to the area. The botanical properties also help heal tears and trauma from giving birth.

Other conditions | needs Yoni steams can be helpful for:

•maintaining a healthy vaginal odor
•uterine weakness
•irregular menstrual cycle
•vaginal dryness
•painful menstruation

I like to think of Yoni steams as a ritual similar to the Oracles at Delphi, sitting on the stool over the fissures in the cave, allowing the vapors from the Earth to waft up and entrance the Oracle so she may intone information for those who wished to ask their questions.

Each tube is enough for 2 steams.

Comes with complete instructions.