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Autumn Narthecia


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Narthecia boxes were small ornate boxes made of costly materials and carved with beautiful craftsmanship. They were used by our Greek and Roman ancestors to put their perfumes and ointments in and often were carried with them to the bath houses.

In this light I curate seasonal "Narthecia Boxes" for Moon Wise Herbals with the hopes to bring a little Moon Magick to each Season.

Our Seasonal Narthecia boxes are curated specifically to align with the season at hand. Each product or treasure is chosen to enliven your spirit and all your senses. We hope our boxes nurture you, vitalize you and help you to delve into each season a little deeper than before.

Pre-order yours now through October 14th so that you don't miss out on the Magick!
Boxes will be shipped on October 15th for the Full Blood Moon and All Hallow's Eve.

:: Autumn Season Narthecia ::

Each box will include at least 5 products and other small treasures that I have personally chosen for the Autumn season. We strive to bring you products that fall under all our Moon Wise categories of Beauty | Medicine | Magick

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