Welcome to Moon Wise Herbals' Online Botanical Emporium

My name is Rachel Loren 

Moon Wise is my Soul Child. I am a native Ohioan now nestled into the quiet hills of Northern California. As long as I can remember I have been captivated by the natural wonders of Mother Nature. That captivation eventually led to my studying botanical medicine and aromatherapy along with nutrition and wellness as a state of not just health but soul joy as well.

It is my hope that by curating all natural alternatives to the chemical laden products we are so used to, that I can help bring awareness of the beauty, pleasure and usefulness of plants back into all or our lives. All natural products have the benefit of being more healthy and working with your body for radiant wellbeing. I hope you find as much pleasure in their use as I do curating them for you. 

Moon Wise Herbals uses organic, locally wild harvested or lovingly homegrown botanicals and organic essential oils. My botanical perfumes are made with many essences and some of these essences may not always be certified organic. They will always be real essences from plants however and never synthetic fragrances. 

I have been wildcrafting, growing plants, establishing relationships with the plants I work with and curating products since November 2011. Each product or kit I curate is made with clear intention, patience and lots of love. 

Thanks for stopping by my shop!